Good Tidings Of Great Joy – 2016

Dec 22, 2016 | Musings, Tallulah Blooms

Every year at this time I am overflowing with a cacophony of my own stories in my own head. Nostalgia has always been a deeply conflicting emotion for me, riddled with both joy and sadness. Feeling the pain of lost loved ones is really just feeling their imprint on the heart. I cherish the images in my minds eye, and none are quite as indelible than those during the holiday season. This year we kissed goodbye our beautiful Gloria. Honestly no name has ever suited one so well. We so craved this Christmas together with Glorious Glo, and though it is not to be in the way I had hoped, I will be celebrating her every moment of the every Christmas season for all of my days to come. Christmas trees adorned with the ornaments collected over the years, twinkle lights, baking spritz cookies and cakes, sparkle and candlelight, Christmas music filling the halls, the infusion of evergreen permeating each room and gathering after gathering with friends and family! I will always cling to the traditions and the memories that make me feel connected to my past and I will continue to create my own traditions to pass down to my children. Life does not always feel the way it does at Christmas, but I am forever grateful for this time that helps me make sense of all the days in between! Whatever holiday it is that you celebrate, may it ground you and bring you the joy that Christmas does for me!