Children’s Fairytales

Sep 22, 2015 | Musings, Tallulah Blooms

Some of the most cherished memories that I have stored in my heart include a party! A gathering of friends and family to celebrate something, anything! I have vivid memories of a childhood birthday party of mine where I was given a pink felt hat adorned with a perfect pink plume.  I wore that hat long after it was considered adorable, and I am sure this was the beginning of my enchantment with feathers! A child’s party is something to behold and experiencing it through the sparkling wondrous eyes of a little girl brings me back to that place of pure, unabashed, untainted wonderment. My ReganCostello partner, Michala Costello’s daughter just turned 6! What better way to celebrate than a proper Princess Tea Party.  Emleyn and 16 of her friends were greeted by Sabrina, the beautiful, ballerina princess who performed for them and then guided them through plies, releves and arabesques. A sincere thank you to Joy Capponi, Creative Director of the Philadelphia Dance Theater, for facilitating our princess and for providing the stunning costume. I loved creating the party hats for each child, arranging the flowers, carefully setting the table and putting together the candy bar and the craft table. The girls were so lovely and well mannered during tea and then in perfect childlike form, dashed to the tree swings to run off some sugar induced energy.  May Emleyn remember this day and always know how special and worth celebrating she is!

Betsy Barron – Your photographs are stunning!!! Thank you!