T.R.E.C. Philly; Philadelphia Real Estate Consultants

Jun 2, 2018 | Musings

Many years ago it became incredibly apparent that real estate consulting was a natural fit for our design firm, real estate investment entity and construction company.  So often, clients wanted our guidance from the very beginning of the process of finding their dream home.  We knew that we could see possibilities even when others may not, and we could help a potential buyer get excited about the idea of transforming a property into something tailor made to suit their unique needs at a cost that they were prepared to invest.  Sellers also need our expertise and assistance prior to bringing a property to market.  So often, a seller may not see the critical path to yielding the highest possible return on their investment, and we can not only help them achieve this, but also show buyers how to make a property their own.  It was clear that we had something special and something that set us apart in the field.  T.R.E.C. Philly is the natural evolution of a tremendous amount of experience coupled with a team that will serve as a wealth of knowledge for one of the most important financial decisions in ones life. The greatest compliment I have ever gotten from a client is that we never, ever tried to sell them a house. Instead, we consulted and shared data, and introduced possibilities to guide in making an informed decision.

This lovely house is one that we have completely transformed and will be bringing to market in a few weeks.  Quite a major difference between the before and after! Excited to show portfolio shots!