The Magic of Light…….

Mar 11, 2015 | Musings

Creating magical atmospheres is an art that we at Tallulah & Bird Interior Design live for! Vignettes of flowers, ferns, textiles, china, rock candy, pastel cakes, milk glass, juxtaposed with rustic woods and earthy touches.  What a gift to have it all captured by a world class photographer like Meg Bitton.  It is as if she has harvested the light to dance off the beauty and sparkle like the stars in the sky or the moon on the water.  Light is a critical component to every interior  design installation.   So often I see lovely spaces, but the lighting is a complete after thought.  Whether it is natural light, ambient light in the form of the right chandelier or the incomparable candlelight, the chosen light can enhance or diminish a space. Luminosity can be the soul of a room creating dimension, layers and interest.  No darkness is so thick that it stops the sparkling, rippling, reflective shine known as the magic of light!  Tallulah Regan