Unbirthday Dinner

May 13, 2015 | Musings, Tallulah Blooms

I just celebrated another birthday.  The number of times I was asked if I feel differently or if I was depressed was the only part of adding another year that diffused the joy that I am still here, surrounded by those I love and embracing life with all that I have. Each of us have a starting date and an ending date, and what we make of each day in between is equivalent to our personal story, our lifetime.  I am in the midst of mine, and I am loving (almost) every minute of it.  The older I get, the more I want to cling to those I love and I never want a day to go by without them all knowing how much I appreciate their presence in my life.  To celebrate, I was going to have an enormous  party.  Leading up to my birthday, I was so intensely busy with work, and suddenly I found myself two weeks prior and nothing planned.  Hence – my Unbirthday Dinner.  A small gathering of those who have journeyed through so many years, so many celebrations, some sad moments and stood with me through them all.  It is always hard for me that none of my immediate family could be here, but delighted that all three of my babies made the pilgrimage home to hug their mama!  So many perfect moments that night; I shared with each person all the things that make them special to me, and all of them did the same in return.  It was hard not to sob, but I was just so happy and so appreciative that I held it back.  My friends showered me with kind words, a little bit of roasting, pink champagne, lovely gifts, (including a necklace with a feather, pink sapphires and sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes!!!!!)  Most of all, my friends and family help me understand why we are here on this planet doing this thing we call living and flocking to those who make us feel happy to be alive. I need and love you all! xoxoxo Tallulah

Thank you to Steve Ladner for the beautiful photos!